Neve 8816 Summing Mixer


Protools HDX System
Avid HD I/O A/D Convertor 16 in 16 out
DigiDesign Command 8
UAD Apollo 8 Interface


JBL LSR 32 Studio Monitors
JBL LSR 12 Sub-Woofer
Furman Headphone Distribution System

ADAM A7Xs with ADAM Sub


Studio B shares the same microphone collection as studio A. Please see our Studio A page for a full list.


Daking 52270 Mic-Pre/Equalizer x2
Neve 1073 Mic-Pre/Equalizer x2
Universal Audio 6176 Tube Preamp/Limiter

Universal Audio LA 610 x2

Avalon 767

Coffman Labs Custom Tube Mic Preamps x12

16 Channel ADM Mic Pre/EQ Side Car

SSL X-Logic Stereo Compressor

Manley vintage mono VariMU Tube Compressor

Empirical Labs Distrossor x2

Empirical Labs Distressor w/Brit Mod
UREI LA-12 Dual Compressor

Focusrite Red 2 Dual Equalizer
Pultec Filter HLF-3C
API 550A EQ x2

Eventide DSP4500 Ulta-Harmonizer

Roland Space-Echo RE-150

Otari MX-5050 Tape Slap

Lexicon PCM40 Delay Unit

Yamaha SPX-90 Multi FX Processor

Sony MU-R201 Digital Reverb 

The Matchbox Interface Amplifier

SPL Transient Designer 2 Channel Processor

SPL Model SX2 Vitalizer

Little Labs PCP Instrument Distorbution Amp

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