Randyy Darris- Assistant Engineer 


Randyy Darris became the studio’s newest assistant engineer after a busy year of as one of the top interns. His main motivations are his love for connecting with people and making music. Since 2014, Ableton has been his primary DAW, yet since entering the professional recording business he has studied Pro Tools to be capable of helping people share their music with the world.


Because he spends most of his free time at the studio, he is a familiar face to many, often requested and recommended by clients and staff because of his hard work and hospitality. The most important parts about being in a recording studio, especially The Hallowed Halls, are that everyone feels comfortable and creative, and they love what is coming out of the monitors.


His background is in literary arts, having published five books of poetry and one novel, all while being a musician and doing home recording as a hobby. He made his first album when he was seventeen, and began recording other people a year later. Growing up in Portland, his father has been a musician and commercial home studio owner since Randyy was a child. The path from author to engineer has led him to finding a home at The Hallowed Halls, where he brings an artistic sensitivity to the creative process, with a fresh perspective on what it takes to finish a meaningful product made of many smaller parts. His commitment to serving the song and satisfying his clients makes it second nature to be so detail-oriented and personable. As an engineer, his skills allow him to get the right sounds captured quickly, and as a producer, he is known for his ability to bring inspiration to a session while giving the performer as much space as they need to make it theirs. Before learning how to record and mix in a professional studio, he has released music under the name Rain Dares.


Whether it’s someone to run the show, or make it all work while being invisible, Randyy is available for whatever you need. Of everyone at the halls, he is one of the most familiar with spoken word, and is a great choice to record voice overs and poetry. He is quickly working his way up, building a discography of projects that he and the artists he works with will always be proud of.


Artists Randyy has worked with:


Christopher Neil Young

Chase Garber

Cleo Knickerbocker

Emily Lau


Gabby Holt

Institute For Creative Dying


Kat Hamilton

Magnificent Creature

No Plug

Ponte Vedra

Portland Not Portlandia Festival

Professor Ugly

Saint Motel

Soccer Babes

Sofar Sounds

The Breaking

The Hanuman Project

The Mysterious They

The Old Church

The Radium Dial

The Weird Kids


Will Kinky/Kinky Brothers



and many more…


Request him as an intern or assistant engineer, or book a session today!