Matthew Thomson - Assistant Engineer 


Matthew Thomson -


Born and raised in Portland, OR, Matt is a freelance audio engineer that has always had a passion for music. Playing in bands since the age of 12, his curiosity in recording grew after listening to artists like Radiohead, Bjork and Nine Inch Nails and wondered how they created such unique and exciting sounds.


After completing both analog and digital recording programs locally, he began to record all types of music from rock to reggae, hip-hop to hardcore. With over 12 years of engineering experience, he has worked with many well established bands, in addition to artists just starting out. Always taking the time to help each project reach their full potential. Matt believes that working with an experienced engineer is the key to working quickly and creatively.


Adding to his audio toolkit, Matt has been a significant part of the Banana Stand Media team. Helping to document Portland’s ever growing and evolving music identity with multimedia content. He has done it all, from remote recording, FOH, engineering, mixing, and mastering. Matt has also been a part of Hallowed Halls since the beginning, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the all studios strengths.


Presently he not only regularly works with legendary producer Ron Nevison (The Who, Led Zeppelin, Heart, etc.) but offers full production from his home studio, The Hallowed Halls and several other studios to fit each artists vibe and needs. Matt also keeps active playing in local bands, The Hague and Maita.


Clients: Banana Stand Media (Kelli Schaefer, Divers, The Grizzled Mighty, Sun Blood Stories, etc.), Natasha Kmeto, Rare Monk, Skull Diver, Strange Ranger, Hemingway, Noah Kite, Sama Dams, The Hague, Cool American, Stoner Control, Blowout, Helens, Naked Hour, The Bonfire District, Robot Boy, Sioux Falls, Grandfather, Snowroller, Bryant Alama, Alec Trusty, The  Sincerelys, Northern Currents, Brigadier, Asteroid M, and many more.


Assistant $15/hr

Engineer $25/hr