Mat Larimer - Assistant Engineer


Mat Larimer found his passion for engineering while recording friends and other local musicians in Colorado. He continued to record while in school at Hendrix College in Arkansas. He was also a Radio DJ and a member of the Event Production Team while at Hendrix. After graduating, Mat hit the road with his sites set for Portland. While interning at the Hallowed Halls, Mat spent countless hours (both during the day and long into the night) studying equipment manuals and the latest issues of TapeOp and Mix Magazine taking in as much as he could and working to develop his craft as an engineer. Mat began assisting on studio sessions affording him the opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled engineers in the music industry. Mat has a strong grasp of the equipment and facilities offered at The Hallowed Halls and feels comfortable working in both Studio A and B. Mat has worked with artists from a variety of genres including Punk, American/Folk, Funk, Indie Rock, Doom Metal, Electronic and spoken word. Alongside two partners, Mat built a mixing and overdub studio, Studio C, located in The Hallowed Halls. Larimer is also the guitarist and vocalist for the Portland-based Punk-duo Less Than.



Slippery Eyes - take care, be well - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Downandwell - Longings - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Dog Lord - Release The Hounds - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Triple Lutz - Whiplash! EP - Recording and Mixing Engineer

The Wild Jumps - Better Be Dead - Recording and Mixing Engineer  

800 Octane - Heart of the Dark [Single] - Recording Engineer

Ruminant - S/T - 2nd Engineer

Khorada - Salt(Luxus) - 2nd Engineer

Holy Grove - II - 2nd Engineer

Yesterday’s Youth - Pucker Up - 2nd Engineer

Witch Mountain - Witch Mountain - 2nd Engineer

Standing On End - Negativism - Engineer and Producer

Standing on End - Cold, Blue - Engineer and Producer

Steven K and The Bounty Hunters - Moonshine Run - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Steven K and The Bounty Hearts - A Broken Heart is Hard to Mend - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Murray Kitschmas- Please Stop Calling on Christmas - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Standing On End - Worst in the World(Based on You and Me) [Single] - Mixing Engineer

Triple Lutz - 2 Good 2 B Tru [Single] - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Flipsyde - Drum Engineer

Ambient 6 - Bass Engineer

Bitches of The Sun - Live at The White Eagle - Recording Engineer

Hear Hendrix Again  - Recording and Mixing Engineer and Producer