Juniana Lanning 

(Key: E = Engineered, M = Mixed, P = Produced, AE = Assistant Engineered)

Hillstomp Monster Receiver  E

Hillstomp Portland, Ore E

The Harmed Brothers The Harmed Brothers E / M

The Harmed Brothers A Lovely Conversation E / M

John Craigie Opening For Steinbeck E / M

John Craigie Capricorn in Retrograde E / M

Anna Tivel Before Machines E / M

Jeffrey Martin Dogs in the Daylight E / M

Drunken Prayer The Devil and the Blues AE / M

Drunken Prayer House of Morgan CP / E / M

Jack Wilson Spare Key E / AM

Nick Jaina Brutal Lives CP / E / M

Vacilando While They Were Dancing CP / E / M

Vacilando Christmas At Home CP / E / M

Lindsie Feathers For The Women  E / M

LIndsie Feathers I Found My Heart In Monte Villa E / M

Whim Mouths CP / E / M

Alder Street Monarch Before the Storm E / M

Nikole Petolski You Want to Know About Me E / M

Linda Austin Hummingbird (sound design) P / E / M

Linda Austin Three Trick Pony (sound design) E

Juniana Sounds and Music for Doing Nothing P / E / M

Extradition Series Are You Building Something? (sound design) P / E / M

The Hill Dogs Hang In There E / M

Kaitlin Sevy Bow With The Sin CP / E / M

The Git Rights Gospel Revue It Ain’t Gay to Love Jesus E / M

Ky Burt The Moon and the Sea E / M

Motorcoat Turn Windlass, Wear Away (tracks 1,3 &4) M

Seven Engines Seven Engines P / E / M

Podunk, BFE Get Your Hole Ready M

Shawn Hawkins and the Offenders Times Will Change E / M

The Krims Lusk E / M