Ian Henry

After a brief internship at The Bridge Sound & Stage Recording Studio, Ian came back to the West Coast and moved to their adopted home of Portland Oregon, where they have served as an intern and engineer the Hallowed Halls. From the start of their education to the present, Ian has been working independently with a diverse range of artists in various styles including, metal, rock, avant-garde, jazz, classical, and pop. Ian brings curiosity and integrity to every project, always seeking to find the best way to translate the artist’s vision into reality. If you are looking for an engineer, mixer, or producer to help you create your distinct sound, Ian’s meticulous dedication to quality and service ensures that your project sounds the best it can, and that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.


  • Points North, Points North: Recording Engineer Listen

  • Hexalter, Perishing in Muted Reality: Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer Listen

  • Hexalter, Sepulchral Totem Spirit: Recording Egineer, Mix Engineer 

  • Crystalarium, Kaethedral: Mix Engineer, Producer Listen

  • Victory Over The Sun, A Tessitura of Transfiguration: Mastering Engineer Listen

  • Darkgem, Darkgem i: Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Producer, Mastering Engineer Listen

  • Darkgem, Luminous Hag: Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Producer, Mastering Engineer Listen

  • Revel In Peace, Revel In Peace: Co-production, Engineer Listen

  • Mmph, Dear God: Recording Engineer Listen

  • Velf, Pernicious Serenity: Recording Engineer (Select Tracks) Listen

  • Various Artists, Revolt & Regicide – A realm And Ritual Compilation: Cassette Mastering Listen

  • Paul Meland, Dies Irae: Mastering Engineer Listen

  • Paul Meland, Ave, Mix Engineer (Select Tracks) Listen