Ethan Stouder - Assistant Engineer


As a young punk in middle-school, Ethan began a fascination with audio when he began recording his band on a borrowed 4-track. Eventually, him and a few friends ran around with a few cheap microphones, recording rough, personal demos for all the friends that would allow it. After an unsatisfactory stint in a button-up community college recording program, Ethan learned of a specialized recording school called Studio West. Studio West is San Diego's largest recording studio (broadcasting NPR's A Way With Words, and with recording credits including Blink 182), and also a very small (class sizes averaging ten) recording school. There he received all the Avid Pro Tools certifications, as well as fulfilling the 500 hour-plus requirement of studio time before graduating. While at school, Ethan was the first student in it's ten year history to record to 2" tape, and well as record two full-length albums while taking the classes and graduating. After graduating, Ethan recorded local metal bands for a year, struggling to achieve the professional quality of sound he wanted. After much thought, he decided to go to the source and try to intern under one of his favorite metal producers. Eventually, Ethan was lucky enough to get his foot in the door at The Hallowed Halls, his first choice! After working hard at interning for months, Ethan is now a capable assistant with an eye for detail, and keen instincts on when to make a pot of coffee.