Brandon Eggleston

(Key: E = Engineered, M = Mixed, P = Produced, AE = Assistant Engineered)

Brandon Eggleston is a freelance recording engineer/producer based in Portland, with extensive major label and independent experience. His working goals are simple; as an engineer he breaks down the barriers between your ideas and the equipment to turn dreams into sounds, he eliminates technical hurdles during the creative process, and pushes to exceed sonic expectations. As a producer he helps develop music to its full potential in both composition and performance, simultaneously finding ways to make your record special and timeless. He is comfortable working in both analog and digital mediums in any studio or space. No matter what role, he comes with a fresh perspective and tends to put his heart into every record he is a part of. While recording and mixing is his primary focus, he also tour as a Front of House engineer and tour manager. 

Rates: $30hr/$300 day

Adventure Galley The Right Place To Be E / M / P

Adventure Galley Anywhere That’s Wild E

The Album Leaf Into the Blue Again AE

Allie Moss Passerby E / M

Anna Tivel Heros Waking Up M

Anna Tivel Small Believer E / M

Anousheh The Trouble I Find M

The Anti-Job You’re Not Real E / M / P

The Anti-Job Forthcoming EP E / M / P

Billie Gale Folds E / M / P

Chasma Omega Theorian E / M

The Dandy Warhols Distortland E

The Dandy Warhols Girls in London M

Dandy Warhols Why You So Crazy e/m

Daniel G Harmann and the Trouble Starts West M

Daniel G Harmann and the Trouble Starts East M

Daniel G Harmann White Mountain E / M / P

The Dead Science Frost Giant E

Desert City Soundtrack Perfect Addiction E / M / P

Dietrich Strause Illusions M


Eddie Martinez Forthcoming LP E / M

Eddy Martinez Akosa E

Erin McKeown Hundreds of Lions E

Foreign Talks No Ceilings E / M / P

Grails Deep Politics E

The Hague Bear/Globes p/e/m

He Whose Ox Is Gored Nightshade M

He Whose Ox Is Gored Rumors E / M / P

Headclouds Up on Hellfire Ridge M

Headclouds EP M

Headclouds Red Brick Parts M

Headclouds Black Ribbon M

Holy Sons Fall of Man E

Hot Victory Hot Victory: Vol 1 E

House of Ghosts House of Ghosts E / M / P

The Hugs Love You To Death p/e/m

Jake Klar Crescent St. Blues M

Jamie Sieber Hidden Sky E

Josh Ritter So Runs the World Away E / M

Josh Ritter The Historical Conquest of Josh Ritter E

Joyero Salt Mine m

Kid Indigo Doja E / P

Kingsley Flood Battles M

Light Creates Shadow  Emerge From The Illusion p/e/m

The Lonesome Billies It’s Good to Be Lonesome E / M / P

Long Hallways The Only Way Out Is Through p/e/m

Luke Redfield Tusen Takk M

Modest Mouse Strangers to Ourselves E

The Mountain Goats Beat the Champ E / P

The Mountain Goats Transcendental Youth E / P

The Mountain Goats All Eternals Deck E / M / P

The Mountain Goats The Life of the World to Come E / P

The Mountain Goats Steel Smoked Fish E / M / P

The Mountain Goats Goth E / P

The Mountain Goats  Hex Of Infinite Binding p/e

Muscle and Marrow Candle E / M / P

Mutants Time for a Drink M

No Plug You Don't Care / You Should p/e/m

New Lungs Reviver E / M / P

Om Advatic Sounds E

Pelican Pink Mammoth E / M

The Pharmacy Stoned & Alone E / M / P

The Pharmacy Choose Yr. Own Adventure E / M / P

Please the Trees Infinite Dance E / M / P

Pretty Girls Make Graves New Romance AE

Scott Yoder Looking Back in Blue E / M / P

Scott Yoder Ways of Love E / M / P

Scout Niblet It’s Up to Emma E / M

Scout Niblet No Scrubs M

Skull Diver Chemical Tomb M

The Slants Pagentry E / M

Starover Blue Moneystealer M

Stephen Malkmus Pig Lib AE

Sun Valley Gun Club Into the Sun M

Swans The Gate M

The Tragically Hip In Between Evolution AE

Trentalange Photo Album of Complex Relationships E

Vance Joy Live at The Hallowed Halls E

Wye Oak The Louder I Call E

Wiscon Jazz Cigarett p/e/m

Wiscon  Trilogy p/e/m Bears in the Yokon E / M / P Harmonic Motion: Vol 1 M

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