Alisdair Lee- Assistant Engineer 


Alisdair Lee is not just a recording engineer. He is an artist who
connects with musicians in many genres. To help musicians in their
path, he creates positive recording experiences and brings them the
unique sound they envision. Alisdair is also a vocal coach with a
master's degree in music composition from NYU, bringing added skills
in working closely with vocalists and instrumentalists looking to
sound their best. Rock, hip-hop, jazz, soul, pop, world, new age -
Alisdair has brought superb sound in all the genres.

Alisdair engineered, mixed AND mastered Rae Gordon's album "Better
Than I Was," recipient of Best Recording Award from Cascade Blues
Association, beating many Nashville pros.

If you want your artistic vision supported with great experience,
sensitivity and quality, Alisdair can offer you the highest levels of
service and audio at The Hallowed Halls.

"I have a degree in audio engineering from Berklee, magna cum laude
2005, and this guy knows what he's doing!" - Kivett Bednar, The Pining
Hearts - Portland, OR

When not recording at The Hallowed Halls, Alisdair works full time in
his own studio, Mad Shaman Studios, a busy small-scale recording
studio in Portland, OR.

Alisdair (pronounced AL-iss-ter) Lee Credits:

(Key: E = Engineered, M = Mixed, Ma=Mastered)

The Rae Gordon Band - E,M,Ma

Lili St. Anne - E,M,Ma

Dreadlight- E,M,Ma

The Pining Hearts - E,M

Evolver Ocelot- E,M,Ma

The Rubdowns - E,M,Ma

Vern Fonk- E,M,Ma

Demi Helenius - E,M,Ma

DJ Prashant - E,M,Ma

Doc Brucade - M

Mae McCoy - M

Ahmad Strong - E,M,Ma

Joseph and Grace- E,M,Ma

Happy For No Reason- E,M

Travo - E,M,Ma

Ryan Abitz - E,M,Ma

Sophia Bass - E,M,Ma

Zach Feder - E,M,Ma

Shoe Fitts - E

The Mysterious They - E,M,Ma

The Brazilianauts - E

Youssoupha Sidibe - E,M,Ma

Austin Piazzola Quintet - E

Molly Mayo - E,M,Ma

J. Miller - E,M

Bernard Setaro Clark - E,M

Ashi Dancler - E,M,Ma

Cyranoid - M,Ma

Om Tara - E,M,Ma

Guy Valentine - E,M,Ma

Richard Greer - E,M,Ma

Levi Wardlaw - E,M,Ma

Julie Tripotin - E,M,Ma

Ryan Walsh - E,M,Ma

John Schneider - E,M,Ma

NeverSeen - E,M,Ma

Dre & K - E,M,Ma

Mark Madden - E,M,Ma