Is this thing recording!?!….This is the first blog entry on my shiny new website so I’ll just recap this last few months.

The Hallowed Halls have been on fire! I’ve just finished up new records for Lynx and The Servants of Song, Fruition, WWIV, Poison Idea (2 new releases for the hardest working maniacs in show business!), The Latterday Skanks, 42 Ford Prefect, Perfect Monster, World’s Finest, Patina and Amanda Richards. Close on the heals of those will be new projects by Roseland Hunters, Palace White, The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal, Ireshrine and Fox and Bones. Just about ready to go to mastering with those. Can’t wait to get all this great music out into the world and just in time for the long summer nights ahead.

I’m really excited about a couple of records that are in progress right now. This last week, Taylor Kingman and I have been capturing the vocals for the new Hill Dogs record after recording the band in Hallowed Halls studio A last month. Tyler Thompson from Fruition is in the producer chair on this one. Their record is full of great songs and intense performances! As is the new Shook Twins album that we’ve been working on since February. It’s a real honor to be involved with that project. The talent level in the room is pretty extreme! The album is currently in Boulder CO having some very cool sonic layers added to it by none other than Mr. Gregory Alan Isakov. Can’t wait to hear what that sounds like! We’ll be heading back into Studio A sometime in the near future to cut another round of songs for this new LP. I’ll be sure to put up some fun shots here!

So, here we go. Music fans, gear heads, feel free to stop by anytime and check out the action. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. Talk to you soon! -Justin